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Three bilingual annexes (French and English) are devoted to dress codes, the wording of invitation cards, and styles of address.

Annex 21: Dress Codes (pp. 623-624)
A listing of terms used to describe the attire expected of guests at an event: lounge suit, business attire, white / black tie, casual, etc.

Annex 22: Wording of Invitation Cards (pp. 624-634)
Finally brings together all the basic expressions useful to writing invitation cards.

Excerpts (p. 628, in PDF),

Annex 23: Styles of Address (pp. 635-716)
This annex lists the most frequent usage with respect to titles, in both written and spoken form.

Written form:

  • in the address on the envelope and at the head of the letter;
  • in the salutation;
  • in the body of the letter;
  • in the complimentary close before the signature.

Spoken form:

  • how to address a personality during conversation;
  • suggested greetings of a personality at the start of a speech;
  • forms masters of ceremonies may use to invite a personality to speak;
  • forms to use when presenting a personality to a guest.
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